Pag Island

Pag Outdoor project for active holidays on Pag island

The whole island of Pag, i.e. five tourist boards, two cities, two municipalities, in two counties, was united in the Pag Outdoor project last year. This amazing island presents itself as a polygon of active tourism in unusual lunar landscapes. The offer includes cycling, Nordic walking, trail, sea kayaking, SUP, windsurfing, running, walking, quad riding, hiking…

Pag Outdoor was also recognized by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, for which incentive funds were provided. The outdoor project connects four standard activities (bike, trail, climbing, kayaking) in an absolutely unique environment of Pag nature.

This development should extend the season to at least eight months. At the same time, it should enrich the tourist offer with this attractive offer. The people of Pag are aware that nothing is going on overnight, so they planned for this project to come to life completely and give maximum results in three years. With this, Pag will add another strong reason for coming to his series of trump cards.

New trails are planned

Growth is also based on the accelerated expansion, connection and construction of new hiking, mountaineering and cycling trails. Climbing areas and other infrastructure needed for outdoor sports, which are already practised by more and more people.

This is an example of an environment that has decided to take an active approach to the pandemic, in order to get the most out of these conditions and offer guests a reason to come. In Pag, they continue to drill, trace, clean and mark new trails.

Vesna Karavanić, director of the Pag Tourist Board announces two new, fantastic trails funded by the Tourist Board of the City of Pag, which will join the paved hiking trail from Lokva on Ledenik to Sv. Kvirina. All three will join the Pag Outdoor project under the common name The Other Side of the Moon.

Gastro tourism of Pag island

Pag is known for its gastronomic icons such as Pag cheese, Pag lamb, Pag salt, Pag baskotin. With the wholehearted engagement of the Bartul Kašić High School, all tourist unions and the Association of Craftsmen as well as prominent individuals and caterers, Pag has already moved forward in what is being programmatically developed by Zadar County and the County Tourist Board in the eno-gastro tourism.

The first certificates and labels of the Special Standard “Pag on the menu (traditional cuisine of the island of Pag” were solemnly presented for the first seven taverns on the island. Brands local and regional eno and gastronomic offer. It is based on a multi-year project/event “Ca, ča, što se nekad kuhalo na mom otoku” and education on the traditional gastronomy of the island of Pag since 2007, bringing old island dishes out of oblivion. The cookbook with three editions in 2019 has also been published in English, German and Italian.