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The Luka Mozaika project continues in Vela Luka

The unique project Luka Mozaika (Port of Mosaics) was launched in 2017 and a mosaic workshop in Ambalaža art organization continues every day. To date, a few hundred mosaics have been made and installed in the promenades of the town, which will be donated to Vela Luka. For now, this is the only project of this kind on our islands

Vela Luka residents and visitors from all over Korcula and the world are taking part in the construction; almost a thousand of them left their unique mark in the Vela Luka mosaic. The organizers provided all of them with tools, materials and education in making mosaics.

The paving of the promenade in front of the primary school is currently underway and mosaics will be installed in that part of some 40 m. The reflection on the installation of mosaics in front of the primary school at the very beginning moved in the direction of showing respect for the school building through which generations of Vela Luka residents have passed and will pass. Built in 1911, the school building is a protected cultural asset of the place.

In addition to the mosaics made by the participants in the workshop, a round mosaic with a motif of Croatian braid and the tree of life bearing words that have basic meanings for civilization will be placed at that location. The mosaic with a diameter of approximately 3 meters will be a unique work of art installed in an open public space. It is signed by a sculptor who has achieved a career in many parts of the world, Ante Marinović from Vela Luka.

This project was planned with the Municipality about two months ago and they had a relatively short deadline for the development of the conceptual design and preparation of materials for a round mosaic that will contain tens of thousands of stones. The expected end of the works on the promenade in front of the school is March 2021.

The actual Port of Mosaics will be another forty meters longer and the organizers are getting closer to the goal of setting up the longest mosaic in the world in Vela Luka.

Our space is shaped by the values we incorporate into it. We are extremely proud because the Luka Mozaika project came to life in Vela Luka, giving it a unique visual identity. Despite times of crisis, we continue to create a unique world story. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who participates and supports the Luka Mozaika project.

Project organizers