Ferry Zadar – Pula

Ferry Zadar – Pula, is a whole year operated passenger only fast ferry, during winter season there is a few weekly departures and, in the summer, there are daily departures.  On the way to from Zadar to Pula, the ferry stops on the Islands Silba, Ilovik, Mali Losinj, Susak and Unije. The sailing time is of the ferry is about 5 hours, which is about 2 hours faster than taking the bus between the cities.

Pula harbor

Pula harbor

Zadar Pula , 2024-04-17

2024 Zadar to Pula Ferry Prices

Prices for ferry Zadar – Pula differ depending on the season, but you can find them starting from the price of 21.25 EUR.

Zadar to Pula ferry FAQs

How long is the ferry ride from Zadar to Pula?

The ferry ride from Zadar to Pula takes approximately 5 hours.

Is there a car ferry from Zadar to Pula?

No, the ferry is for foot passengers only.

How much luggage can I bring on the ferry from Zadar to Pula?

Passengers are allowed to bring up to 20kg of luggage.

Is there a toilet on the ferry?

Yes, there are toilets on all ferries.

Can I use my ticket for any Zadar to Pula departure of the day?

No, tickets are only valid for the specific departure stated on the ticket.