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Jadrolinija publishes passenger data for Split – Supetar ferry line

Considering the current situation, it seems that August passenger numbers on Split – Supetar ferry route exceeded expectations. Jadrolinija published some interesting data about passenger and vehicle traffic for August 2020. The data is referring to the routes Split – Supetar and Makarska – Sumartin, which are important for both Jadrolinija and locals living on Brac Island. Summer ferry schedule was in force until September 28th. According to the data given by Jadrolinija agency in Split, about 267.000 passengers and 66.200 vehicles were transported on the Split – Supetar line. When compared to August 2019, passenger numbers are at 72% while vehicles are at 88%.

In the last week of August, Jadrolinija ferries transported 19.600 passengers and 4.800 vehicles, which are far from the records set in 2019. When compared to the same week last year, passenger numbers are at 65% and vehicles at 80%. In the week from 14-16th August, Jadrolinija transported 33.500 passengers and 8.200 vehicles. Also, another ferry route to Brac, Makarska – Sumartin, is also recording good numbers from August. In the weekend from 28-30 August, this route saw 2000 passengers and 530 vehicles transported to the island. In the same weekend of 2019, numbers showed 2700 passengers and 700 vehicles.

Additionally, tourist numbers for Bol town were also published by the Tourist Board. The end of September showed that only 165 guests stayed in Bol town, which is only 9.5 % of last year’s numbers. 136 guests stayed in private accommodation, 19 in non-commercial units, 5 in hotels and 5 in camps. Most of the guests are Croatians, followed by Polish, Germans, Czech Republic and Slovenia. The best day of the season was August 17th, when 3744 guests were registered in Bol.

Source: Brac Danas

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