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Hvar Island – Work on Sucuraj ferry port continues

Residents of Hvar Island, as well as numerous tourists which visit the sunniest island in Croatia, are reflecting on the works in Sucuraj ferry port. As of recently, the outlines of the new port pier are starting to show. The new moor point will be 80 meters long and will have the underwater rocks as its “defence” from the winds. Locals seem to be satisfied with the progress, as they should, since current infrastructure of both ports and ferries, don’t satisfy the needs of people travelling by ferry to Sucuraj.

Reconstruction of the port is being done by Marconi inženjering company from Split, along with their cooperants. The dynamic of the work is going according to the plan. So far, the reinforced concrete has been installed and the water area around the shore has been deepened. The “defence rocks” are set in place, plus additional concrete blocks for future walls and pillars of the pier are brought. The total value of the investment is a bit under 3 million Euros, and the work is set to finish in November 2021, says Domagoj Maroevic, the director of County Port Authority. 

Sucuraj town mayor already stated his satisfaction about the new ferry dock, which will be able to welcome larger ferries, especially in the peak season. A positive side will be the increase of the passenger flow for about 2.7 times. That means that, besides current ferries Ston and Lastovo, whose capacities are 150 passengers and 36 vehicles, another ferry called Supetar (600 passengers and 100 vehicles) will be able to arrive at the Sucuraj port.

Port Authority management emphasizes that the infrastructure is fully synchronized with the current traffic system. That means that the Sucuraj port will be synced with the main road on Hvar Island, between Sucuraj and Hvar Town, as well as Drvenik port, Ravca tunnel and highway Zagreb – Split – Dubrovnik. The access to the port on the island side will be fixed, as will an additional parking lot. One part of the port will be arranged for docking the smaller boats, owned by locals from Sucuraj.

Source: Slobodna Dalmacija

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