Split to Supetar Ferry

Split to Supetar Ferry is one of the most frequented car ferry routes in Croatia, the route operates year-round, In July and August there are up to 14 daily departures, in May, June and September up to 12 daily departures and rest of year up to 9 daily departures.

The route is operated with “Double ended” Ro-Ro car & Passenger ferry, which makes embarkation and disembarkation very fast, both foot passengers and vehicles enter the ferry via the same ramp. The ferries between Split and Supetar can accommodate up to about 140 cars and 1200 passengers. The sailing time from Split to Supetar is about 50 Minutes.

Split Supetar , 2024-04-17

FAQ Ferry Split to Supetar

I am with a car, can I buy a ticket for a specific departure?

No unfortunately not, as the Split port has limited space there is no car cuing system, which means cars are loaded in the order they arrive at the port, so if you wish to catch a specific departure, you should be at the port early. NOTE:  If you buy a ticket online for the ferry – Split to Supetar it is valid for any departure of the day.

I’m a foot passenger travelling with a heavy suitcase, any advice?

Usually, people leave their heavy suitcases on the car deck, just below the escalator/stair to the upper deck.

Can I bring my bicycle on the ferry to Supetar?

Sure, there is space on the car deck for bicycles. NOTE: Remember that you need to buy an adult ticket for the bicycle.

Can I sit outside during the ferry trip from Split to Supetar?

Yes, the top of the ferry is an outside area with plenty of seating and a great view.

Can I stay in my vehicle during the trip?

No, passengers are not allowed to stay in their vehicle during the travel over.

I’m going to Bol on Brac, is this the best travel option?

Yes, If you are with a car, if you are a foot passenger it is easier to take the fast ferry from Split to Bol, but you can also combine the Split – Supetar car ferry, with a bus trip from Supetar to Bol, buses depart very close to the ferry dock.

What other alternatives are there to the ferry from Split to Supetar?

If you are with a car the only other option is the ferry from Makarska to Sumartin, for passengers only alternatives are Split – Sutivan, Split – Milna and as mentioned above Split – Bol.

Ferry Split to Supetar

Ferry Split to Supetar (Brac)


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2024 Split to Supetar Ferry Prices

Below you can see the summer price list for the car ferry from Split to Supetar, the foot passenger price for the ferry is 6,24 € one way.

It often happens that people travelling by, car or bus get a bit confused about how to calculate the price, so here are a few examples

Car with passengers

If you are e.g. 3 adults and a regular car going on the ferry, the price calculations for one-way tickets are the following, car (Less than 5 meters in length, and two meters in height) = 25,06 € + 3 adults (3 * 6,24 €) = 18,72 €, so in total, your price will be 43,78 €. As there is no discount for return tickets the round trip price will be 87,56 € or roughly 29,19 € per person.

Bus with passengers

For a bus the way of calculating is different,  if you have a bus with space for 30 people and 22 passengers, the price is 134,85 €, which includes the bus and the passengers!

Split – Supetar 2024 Ferry Prices

Split – Supetar 2024 Ferry Prices